Classic Film Jerks
We watched 1933's King Kong with guest Carlin Trammel from the Nerdlunch Podcast and now we refuse to vacation on Skull Island.
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We watched Vertigo and now we want to pluck our eyebrows.
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We watched The Conversation and now we don't want to watch Gene Hackman kiss anymore.
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We watched Double Indemnity and you should see our amazing hairstyles.
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We watched Lawrence Of Arabia and now we want to ride camels.
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We watched White Christmas and now I'm dreaming of making fun of White Christmas.
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We watched The Great Escape and they ain't kidding, these guys really escape...great.
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We watched To Sir, With Love and they never change their clothes
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I think it's mostly about masterbation and Nazis
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Of all the podcasts in all the world Casablanca walked into ours...
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