Classic Film Jerks

We watched 1947's The Bishop's Wife with pal Jeff Somogyi and now we are convinced that the Christmas Creep is a demon!

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We watched 1950's Father Of The Bride and now we discovered Andrew really, really, really enjoys the Steve Martin one.

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We watched 1948's Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein and now all we want to do is insure the Wolfman doesn't make any of our plans.

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We watched 1975's Jaws with guest Erik Martin from the Cineversary Podcast and now all we want to do is hang out in Quint's fortress of sharkitude.

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We watched 1934's It Happened One Night and now all we want to do is constantly exclaim...OH YEAH!?!?

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We watched 1966's Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? and now all we want to do is play the drinking game Who Can Keep Up With Virginia Woolf?

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We watched 1926's The General and now all we want to do is scream STUNT FEST, JOKE FEST! 

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We watched 1959's North By Northwest and now we are only focused on how much shaving cream Cary Grant uses.

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Andrew and Michael are joined by pal Evan Hanson as they try to recast Airplane! 

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We watched 1976's Taxi Driver with one of our Patreon supporters Brad Peterson and now we never want to hear that saxophone again.  

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We watched 1937's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and now all we want to do is casually break into your cottage deep in the woods. 

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We watched 1976's Rocky with guest Christian Nielsen from the Pop Culture Retrofit Podcast and now we just want to cross the street if we see Rocky coming to avoid the small talk.  

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Andrew and Michael are joined by pal Eli as they try to recast The Terminator. 

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We watched 1978's The Deer Hunter and now all we want to do is work in a medieval flame factory.

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