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We watched 1940's The Shop Around The Corner with guest Jeff Somogyi from the Talkin' Chopp Podcast and now we want to avoid at all costs eating chicken noodle soup and red cabbage with Mr. Matuschek.  

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We watched 1967's In The Heat Of The Night and now all we want to scream is SLAP, GUM and CHIWETEL EJIOFOR!

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We watched 1931's Dracula with guest Dave Alexander the co-owner of Rue Morgue Magazine and now all we want to do is stare very, very intently and figure out how to properly say the name Renfield!

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We watched 1954's The Caine Mutiny with guest Paxton Holley from the I Read Movies Podcast and now we can't help but feel sorry for handsome plank face.  

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We watched 1955's Mister Roberts and now all we want to know is WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?

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We watched 1951's A Streetcar Named Desire and now we desperately want a fan with those ribbons on it.  

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We watched 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey and now we have no goddamn idea how to pronounce Keir Dullea's name.

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We watched 1952's High Noon with guest Erik J Martin from the Cineverse Group and now we want Tex Ritter to shut up.  

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We watched 1959's Anatomy Of A Murder and now all we want to do is eat at Sheldon's Shell Your Own Egg Shack.

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We watched 1976's Network with guest John from the Classic Movie Reviews With Snark Podcast and now we're as mad as hell and are not going to look at your craggily face anymore!  

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We watched 1970's MASH and now we want you to know that...hello, my name is Elliot Gould.

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We watched 1954's Rear Window with Jeeg from the Nerd Lunch Podcast and now we just want to let you know that...Perry Mason did it! 

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