Classic Film Jerks

We watched 1952's High Noon with guest Erik J Martin from the Cineverse Group and now we want Tex Ritter to shut up.  

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We watched 1959's Anatomy Of A Murder and now all we want to do is eat at Sheldon's Shell Your Own Egg Shack.

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We watched 1976's Network with guest John from the Classic Movie Reviews With Snark Podcast and now we're as mad as hell and are not going to look at your craggily face anymore!  

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We watched 1970's MASH and now we want you to know that...hello, my name is Elliot Gould.

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We watched 1954's Rear Window with Jeeg from the Nerd Lunch Podcast and now we just want to let you know that...Perry Mason did it! 

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We watched 1945's Christmas In Connecticut with Jeff Somogyi of the Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast and now we really want to eat a bowl of milk with an egg in it.

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We watched 1940's Fantasia and now we fully believe dust storms killed the Dinosaurs. 

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We watched 1956's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and now we want to enjoy some hearty spoon bread.  

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We watched 1977's Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and now we want to report child services on Barry's mom.  

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We watched 1971's A Clockwork Orange and now all we want to say is Malcolm...I can see your doodle! 

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