Classic Film Jerks

Andrew and Michael are joined by pal Mark Dury as they try to recast Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  

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We watched 1969's The Wild Bunch and now we promise no horses were harmed during the making of this podcast. 

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We watched 1933's Duck Soup with guest Erik Martin from the Cineverse Group and now we want to know exactly which one is Zeppo?

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We watched 1959's Imitation Of Life and now we want to start the John Gavin fan club.

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We watched 1951's Scrooge with guest Jeff Somogyi from the Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast and now we want Ebenezer to stop laughing like the Joker and hey where are the Muppets already?

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We watched 1960's The Apartment and now we want Fred MacMurray to play Captain Marvel.

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We watched 1968's Night Of The Living Dead and now we want to do carpentry with BarBRA!

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Andrew and Michael are joined by Carlin Trammel from the Nerd Lunch Podcast as they try to recast Top Gun.

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We watched 1982's Tootsie and now we demand that every movie has a theme song with the title of the movie in it dammit! 

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We watched 1958's Touch Of Evil and now we want to VARGAS, VARGAS, VARGAS!  

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